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Definitely Must Have

Necessity is the mother of invention. Ok, maybe not necessity but defiantly must have. I love love love knitting. As a knitter my eyes always went to bright vibrant colours. In a long dreary winter, I love dressing the kids in bright winter knits. It makes them easier to pick them out on the ski hill.

I began to hand dye yarn for personal use. It is so much fun to learn different dye techniques and then to see what they look like knitted up. Interest in my dyed yarn began to grow outside of my circle of friends and so I decided to open a new  shop. I am super particular about the colourways I list. I can often take me several "experiments" before I am comfortable to list it. I try to make very unique colour combinations. Its also important to me that I can repeat the colour which is not always easy. I do my best to prevent the colours from running. This too can be difficult to achieve. Some dyes with some fibres will have some colour run but I make sure it is minimal. I do all of my dyeing in my smoke free home. We do have a very old, very cherished boxer that believes he is our third child but he is does not enter the rooms where my yarn is dyed and stored.